Monday, May 10, 2010


This book by Lorne Sanny is a significant contribution to the field of personal work.

One feature of note is the material he covers, which is the outgrowth of six years' experience on the Billy Graham team training counselors in the United States, Canada, and the British Isles.

Another is the emphasis on the spiritual life and growth of the personal worker.

A third feature is instruction in the follow-up of the new believer, which is often overlooked. The important place given to follow up is appropriate and timely.

Mr. Sanny has the happy faculty of stating his ideas in a clear and simple manner, and he enriches his instructions with pointed illustrations.

We trust that through this book many of God's people will become more effective witnesses for Christ.

John I. Paton
Literature Editor

A Note From Lorne Sanny
(from Discipleship Library - edited slightly for this blog)

The Art of Personal Witnessing, comes to you with a prayerful desire that it will be helpful to you in your personal life and ministry. Before you begin each lesson ask God to show you the significance of the truths you are about to consider. The Bible will be your main textbook for this study. The final authority is not this study, but the Word of God upon which this study is based.
  • Take notes and underscore important words or phrases in your Study Guides (which will be provided within each post); The outlines are meant to be printed out and written in. Be sure to look up each Scripture reference as you work through each chapter. As you scan through later, your personal notes will help you quickly recall the key thoughts of each chapter.

  • Think over the teaching of the chapter and apply the truths to your life. Ask the Lord how you can use these principles to help you live for Him and serve Him better. Study each chapter until you have mastered it. You are the best judge of how much time to allow for each chapter. Students vary in their speed in studying. One chapter will be posted each week; and it may be best to study at regularly scheduled times. But don't worry if at first it takes a little longer (than planned) to study each chapter.

  • Begin work on your new memory assignment the very day you start a new chapter. Go over your memory verses several times each day, repeating the references before and after each verse. This will help you remember its location.

  • Do the Self-check Tests at the end of the outline for each chapter. These are intended to help you evaluate your progress before you do the final examination. The answers to all self-check tests are given at the end of each outline. When you have answered all the questions, check your answers and evaluate your progress.

  • After completing all 13 chapters of The Art of Personal Witnessing, download the Final Examination. Look over the questions within the exams to determine what areas you need to study further, and then look for the answers in your Bible and within the posts of this "blog".

Keep in mind that you are studying the Word of God and you are investing your time wisely. I am confident that any person who is willing to follow the disciplines set forth in this book will greatly enhance his relationship to God and man and his effectiveness as a Christian witness.

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