Back in 2004 I was working for a Christian bookstore in North Idaho (Kellogg to be exact); and in this store they had a small section of used and older books. I came across "The Art of Personal Witnessing" by Lorne Sanny from 1957. I picked it up out of curiosity, and began to read it. I was so impressed with the first few pages, I bought it - and took it home with me. I read each chapter with an intensity I had never experienced before. Outside of the Bible, no other book has changed my Christian walk so profoundly (although to be honest, Way of The Master by Ray Comfort is a close second; maybe it's even tied).

    I was so moved, I contacted Moody Press (the publishers) to see if they would ever publish it again - or if I could have permission to do so. I also contacted NavPress (Lorne Sanny was president of the Navigators when he wrote the book) with the same inquiry. What I found was that the copyright belonged to Mr. Sanny and I would have to ask him. I couldn't find a telephone number, but I did find a mailing address. So I wrote and shared with Mr. Sanny how his book was so influential to me and asked if he would grant me permission to reproduce it, and republish it. I mailed the letter and waited.

    Within a week or so I received his reply dated May 17, 2004 in which he wrote:

Dear Mr. Valdez,

    Thank you for your recent letter concerning the book, "The Art of Personal Witnessing." I was greatly encouraged to learn that the Lord continues to use it.

    You have my permission to make copies of the book with customary acknowledgment of "permission granted by Lorne Sanny."

    You also asked to change the title to "Every Christian Is Called To Be An Evangelist," which you may do.

    You have my blessing in this. May the Lord continue to call people to share His Gospel with others.

In His grace,

    March 28, 2005 Lorne Sanny died. I had never really gotten around to making this book available to others; until now. I hope that in reading this "blog" (book) you will be touched and compelled (as I was).

Because of Christ & Till All Have Heard,

Mordecai Valdez