Scripture Memory

with The Navigators

    Perhaps no form of Scripture intake pays greater dividends than that of memorization. It enables you to speak with authority as you quote the Word of God, equips you for your daily battles with Satan, and enriches your Christian life.

    The Navigators Topical Memory System is designed to provide you with a definite program. It teaches you how to memorize, what to memorize, and how to develop basic memory habits that have already established Scripture memory as a lifetime project for thousands.

    The passages of Scripture are printed on handy-sized cards enclosed in holders, making them convenient to carry at all times. The entire system is designed to fit into the busiest of schedules.

    Explanatory chapters and progress tests provided with each of the four steps explain the principles of Scripture memory and provide a workable system for learning and retaining the verses. Because the aim of the Topical Memory System is to lay a foundation for Scripture memory as a lifetime project, an understanding of these basic principles is the most important factor in the entire book.